Curley's Nursery

“Creating custom landscapes with ecological designs.”

Tree/plant delivery
with installation for
Western Washington, USA

Curley's Nursery offers a unique opportunity for the plant purchaser to help restore native habitat . Catering to ecological and native plants, the home owner can choose to invite wildlife (birds, butterflies) into the land that was once filled with abundant food and nesting.

The nursery was started from scratch using 90% recycled materials (pots, matting, infrastructure). Coming from a third generation landscaper and plant propagator, our aim is to make planting fun for the whole family , whether it be enjoying native birds perched in recently planted trees or enjoying the splendor of

Alder Preview
Arborvitae Preview
Birch Preview
Deador Cedar
Deador Cedar Preview
Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir Preview
Fern Preview
Laurel Preview
Noble Fir
Noble Fir Preview
Pine Preview
Red Cedar
Red Cedar Preview
Salal Preview
Spruce Preview
Sumac Preview
Vine Maple
Vine Maple Preview
Western Hemlock
Western Hemlock Preview
Yellow Twig Dogwood
Yellow Twig Dogwood Preview

Nursery plants will vary in looks and size, and images are presented as only examples.
— modified images distributed under CC BY-SA 4.0

We deliver plants/trees with included installation, or provide them along with
our landscaping service. Please contact us to find out what plants and
sizes (in gallons) are currently in stock, or to get further details on pricing.

See below for free credit discounts!

Salvage Program / Free Discounts!

BulldozerPlant Scared

If you plan to bulldoze or remove any plants or trees, native or non-native, please contact us and we will gladly visit the site. Removal may be free , and credit may be applied towards the purchase of new plants and trees. It is important to give at least 3 weeks notice , preferably in the spring, fall or winter.

Thank you for considering saving these plants — they are very grateful!